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Nada Sabri Ben Ayad is owner and head chef of Windsor’s renowned Nidaa’s Fine Foods. Nada is originally from Tripoli, Libya. She graduated from Oxford University with a double major in Landscaping Design and International Journalism in 1980, and has held numerous positions such as a JANA correspondent, member of the Islamabad Foreign Women Association, held the position of head chairman of the Libyan Woman Union, advisor of the Libyan Girl’s Scouts, and has been a political and media activist to date.

Her love of community has been ever present throughout her life.

She became a Canadian citizen in 2002, holding positions such as an Arabic teacher position at An-noor private Islamic School, and coordinator of the Islamic community activities at the Dominion Mosque Windsor, Ontario.

And most recently founding the Nidaa’s Fine Foods catering business Food Specialists in North Africa and Middle East from 2017 till present. Nada is also an avid event and festival organizer for the Windsor-Essex and Greater Toronto Area community.

She is the recipient of various awards such as the “Best Arab Journalist Award” – Pakistan, Islamabad (1997), the “Women Leadership Award” – Bahrain (2013) and the “Dubai Women’s Leadership Award” – Dubai (2014).

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