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My name is Nathaniel Nettey .I am 40 years old Ghanaian born in Jamestown, Ghana, but I currently reside and run my own catering business in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Am the C.E.O and founder of Exalted by Netteson Catering that focus to serve West African Cuisine and African Cuisine in general, my goal is to introduce African Cuisine to the world.

My Purpose and Passion
I have always lived by the renowned Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. My purpose in life has always been to contribute to people’s happiness in my own, creativity, versatile, diverse and unique way- cooking delicious African meals.
That why as a chef, I love watching people interact, from friendship, and share ideas while enjoying what I have cooked.
Here is a short story how my journey began .Born in a family with many siblings ,and duties were shared among us and we must make sure to do it to the best of our ability .Coming from a family of chef and cooks ,my mother did own and omelet restaurant, my grandmother did own her restaurant ,my dad mother did had her own , and my grandfather was the Head chef at Lagon university ,and actually till now part of my family still has on going family catering till this day in Ghana ,Accra.
You can tell how cooking was something I was surrounded with , and I was always exited to get involved in assistance ,or to cook, so from that moment the passion even got deeper. I gain lot of experience through family catering and restaurants, but I wanted more to pursue my cooking passion.
I read books , watching cooking shows, volunteering ,and so on ,was always my prayer by God grace to see my dream come true.
As I transition to Canada, was helping my mom did some catering business ,and as I attended sault collage in Canada , I did computer technician, but during those time I use to cook for the student and friends , and they use to tell me ,you should start your own, because your food is delicious and your passion about it was very deep, after I was done with my computer program and attended St clair Collage where I took Culinary Art course ,and in that city that how My catering Business was born .

After I finished collage and I got job with local restaurant while ,I was running my catering business and I end up also getting a job with one the biggest company in Canada , Windsor Casino ,also Banquet halls, African restaurant , work Oil Company rigs, work on Movies set ,and many more ,

Although the journey has not been easy. I thank God for how far he has brought me .i must say I was blessed to work with very good franchise and companies, and I hope to continue expanding and making people happy by cooking them delicious African meals, through my cooking passion.

My expertise in African cuisine distinguish me from my competitors ,in all that I have created my own African spices and drinks and sauces as well. My goal is to blend African cuisine to show case to the world and come up with a masterpiece that will be appreciated all over the globe. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS GIFT.

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