Scholastica Lyanga

Position: Judge
Categories: Judges

My name is Scholastica Lyanga, I am a community leader, advocate, and volunteer. I came to Canada in June of 1973 and I was originally born in Tanzania, East Africa. I am a foreign Trained Nurse/ Midwife, mother of 4 and grandmother to two kids. I have been serving my community since my youth. In the past, I have been the President of the African Canadian Organization of Windsor (ACOW), as well as the President of W5, and current President of the African Women Association of Windsor. I serve and have served on over 20 committees around the Windsor-Essex community, and have been and currently still on the executive board of several associations. I’ve been a volunteer at W5 for 30 years, I’ve taught seniors and women English as a second language to those who did not qualify due to their status, as a few examples.

I have been the recipient of The Life Achievement Award by W5 (2021), Ontario Volunteer Governor General Award Medal,

Volunteer Service Distinguish Award by W5,

25 Years W5 Anniversary Past President Award, W5/Retirement Appreciation Service Certificate, Rosa Park Award (2019), Community Leadership Service Award (2012), 100 Years Windsor Centennial Award Medal , 15 years Ontario Service Award, ACOW Distinguish Service Award, W5 Volunteer Distinguish Award, Jean Foster Welcoming Community Award, CCAC Appreciation Service Certificate, Summer Youth Job Program Recognition and Support Award (5 years), Catholic Women’s League of Canada Service Pins Award for 40,25, and 10 years, Ontario Volunteer Service Award 15 and 5 years.

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