Sijuola Folarin

Position: Chef
Categories: Chefs

Sijuola Folarin is the owner and head chef at popular windsor restaurant Naija Food Eats. She is also a professional cake designer and artist, merging the African cake style of buttercream poundcake with modern American flavours and designs. Sijuola has been featured on CIBC news, Biz X and has been nominated for several local business awards for her catering and restaurant work. She had started cooking at five years old as working with food has always been her passion. Even through studying social work and working in the profession, Sijuola still pursued her dreams of working as a caterer at any available moment possible. She believes that being served food should be an engaging moment, not marred by lack of cleanliness or lack of food detail. In recent years, through professional training and focus through the recent pandemic, she was able to expand her local catering business to open one of the few Nigerian restaurants in Windsor, Ontario. She is now a full-time chef running the Naija Food Eats restaurant and spreading the flavour of Nigerian cultural food to Ontario and beyond.

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